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Kimberly-Clark Germany

In Kimberly Clark Germany , we have 2 divisions: Consumer and Professional.

Kimberly-Clark Germany is present 2 locations in France: Koblenz and Mainz. In Koblenz we have our KCP business and a paper manufacturing plant. We have around 85 employees in the office and about 210 employees on the factory. We have our Consumer office in Mainz. There are around 20 employees in Mainz. On our offices and in the factory we provide very good terms and conditions. For example we offer flexible working times and -places. That means you don’t need to go to the office everyday (if it isn’t required by your job). Many of our employees value that they can bike or even walk to work. For those living further away, free parking is available for all employees. We live in family friendly atmosphere where everyone matters. WE also have a family service to support you in times of stress not having a Kindergarten or you need support for elder care for your relatives. Kimberly-Clark has a strong corporate philosophy, which is essential for the self-development and implication of our employees.

Why Work for us

Yes, we are big international company with a lot of career opportunities. And at the time we work in small teams with quick decision-making. LEAN in all aspects is one of our priorities. Another priority for us is a culture of accountability. At Kimberly-Clark, we live and breathe a culture of accountability. All of our team members feel the responsibility of their tasks and this is what drives our business. We develop career paths on competencies, wishes and opportunities. Our people development is a key of our HR strategy.

Work Environment

Kimberly Clark Germany is like a big family. We are looking for diversity and humanity is at the heart of our strategy: that is our strength, our difference and our culture! We take advantage of being part of an international group while remaining human-sized in Germany. Our success is based on trust, respect and accountability. This is how we unleash the power of our people. We offer to our employees well-being initiatives because we are convinced that happy employees are making the difference. One of our HR priorities is a work life balance (home office, summer hours, hour flexibility, etc.) and also well-being initiatives. Safety first is our key mantra in the production area. Finally, we also are very careful about environment (produce in respecting environment, avoid waste and recycling) and caring for our employees. We organize safety and health weeks on a regular base every year.

Our Brands :

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